About Us

Seacoast Furniture Company is a celebration of entrepreneurial spirit in America, started in 1969.

The first store location was in a rented space in a small church in Seabrook, NH. In January 1970, the current location at 845 Lafayette Road in Seabrook was purchased.

At that time the building, a former home, was in great disrepair. As resources allowed, our owner repaired the property and expanded. Business flourished because of the personalized way in which customers were treated.

Where we are now

While we change and grow, we still must always focus on the one premise that makes us successful and got the business to where it is today. That premise is each of our customers must be treated in a personal way and must be respected for their individuality and their unique needs.

Our culture should always celebrate our customers as they have chosen us in a world with many choices. Around 2002, we added on a very large, two-story addition. Although we may look small from the street, we are actually quite large at thousands of square feet!

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