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Facts to Consider

  • Cushions will sofen over time with use. It is necessary to fluff, flip, & rotate the cushions at least weekly. 
  • Shredding of excess fibres is normal for all fabrics when exposed to friction from use so pilling is normal. Using a fabric shaver will help to control pilling until the shedding ceases. 
  • Odors are often normal for new furniture & are not harmful. Orders will dissipate after a short period ot time. Allow furniture to air out by opening windows & doors if possible. 
  • Leather: scars, healed bug bites, wrinkles, & color & texture variation are normal, desirable, & expected characteristic markings of real leather furniture. Leather is a natural product & as such no two hides are identical & variation occurs within each hide. 
  • Wood Furniture: Wood is also a natural product. As such, variations in grain, texture, & colour are expected. This is a hallmark of real wood. 
  • Uneven doors or drawers are caused when floors are not level. No floor is ever perfectly level. Many larger pieces have built-in levels to help correct this, others will need shims. 
  • Drawers with wooden glides will need lubrication over time as the wax on the glides will dry out. A candle or a crayon can be used. 
  • Hardware may loosen over time but is easy to tighten by screwing it back in or tightening a bolt such as with a table leg. 
  • Mattresses: Expect time to adjust to your new mattress; it will feel different than the one you had been using. It is not uncommon to experience initial aches &/or pains. If they persist, please contact your salesperson. 
  • The new mattress will likely feel a bit different or firmer than the sample you tried in the store as the floor samples have been broken in from customer use. In time, your mattress will feel like the one you tried in the store. The process may take a few months. This is normal. 
  • It is normal for a new mattress to smell a little different when it is first set up. These odors are normal & will dissipate over a few weeks. To help facilitate odor dispersal, leave the windows open &/or bed unmade initially. Think of this as similar to clothing brought back from the dry cleaners. 
  • Expect body impressions. All mattresses will acquire body impressions. It isnecessary that you follow the manufacturer's recommendations in regards to mattress rotation. Some body impression is normal and are proof positive that the mattress is conforming to your body. Body impressions greater than two inches in depth when used in accordance to manufacturer's instructions are something about which you should contact your salesperson. 
  • Warranty & Service Procedures to Obtain Warranty and Service for Furniture 
  • We will service any product that we sell to the original purchaser regardless of how long he or she has owned their furniture provided that the parts are readily available. We will estimate the cost to repair and guarantee our estimate. We will guarantee our repair for a period of six months from the date the product was returned to you. 
  • To ensure the quality of their products workmanship and materials most manufacturers warranty their products for specific things and for specific periods of time. Any warranties are to the original purchase.

How To Obtain Service

  • In order to process a request for repair, service or warranty, we need a written customer statement and pictures of defect(s).

  • Please list in detail the nature of the problem with your furniture and when you noticed it.

  • Please include delivery date, order date and slip number. Please be as specific as you can, include a description of any structure failure.

  • Please fill out the above information along with directions to your home and a copy of the original order and email it to or mail it to— Seacoast Furniture- 845 Lafayette Rd- Seabrook, NH- 08374- Attn. Service Dept.

  • We will contact you within 7 days after receipt and processing of the information you have sent to make arrangements for inspection.

  • In home warranty service authorized by the factory is at no charge for 60 days from original delivery date.

  • For any item over 90 days old there will be a minimum $90.00 service charge for pick up and delivery to your home.

  • In home authorized factory warranty service after 60 days requires a $125.00 travel charge for the repairman, independent of charges for parts or labor.

  • All parts and labor that are under warranty are on a no charge basis to the original purchaser.

  • Repairs out of warranty are billed at $100.00 per hour, plus parts, plus travel or pick up service.

  • Only individual specific Manufacturer warranties apply. No other warranties are expressed or implied.


When your furniture arrives at our warehouse you will be notified within 24 hours to make arrangements for delivery or pick up. The balance is due upon delivery and the customer must have someone available to inspect and sign for the furniture. All service claims for concealed damage must be made within three days. For any service questions please call 603-474-2323


Customers can pick up furniture from the store. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect furniture prior to pick up as once the furniture has been signed for any damage will be at the customer's cost. It is the customer's responsibility to bring blankets, rope, etc. for their furniture as it has been opened up to be inspected prior to customer's pick-up. Customer also needs to bring help to pick up and load the furniture.

Our premise

While Seacoast Furniture continues to change and grow, we still must always focus on the one premise that makes us successful and got the business to where it is today. That premise is that each of our customers must be treated in a personal way and must be respected for their individuality and their unique needs.

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